Initial setup for using digital modes in Windows

In order to connect digital mode applications to Web Radio Control, you will need to install a helper application called wrc-proxy and virtual audio cable driver software. It is necessary to perform these preparations only once.

After completing these installation instructions, follow the steps in Connecting digital mode applications to Web Radio Control.

Installing wrc-proxy helper application

  1. Download the wrc-proxy helper application installation package.

  2. Extract the downloaded ZIP file to some directory. The zip file contains a single executable application file wrc-proxy.exe and an installation script install-wrc-proxy.bat.

  3. Run the installation script install-wrc-proxy.bat as an administrator by clicking the file with the right mouse button and by choosing Run as administrator and accept the registry changes the script makes. The wrc-proxy.exe application will be installed in the user profile directory.

Installing a virtual audio cable driver

It is necessary to download and install a virtual audio cable driver in Windows. There are several virtual audio cable drivers available from different manufacturers, but one of the most popular ones is VB Audio Virtual Cable. The free version of Virtual Cable will only provide a single "cable" (also called a loopback device), but use with remote control of radios requires two virtual audio cable, so it is necessary for you to purchase the software. The minimum price for the software is 5 EUR / USD. It seems that there is currently no free virtual audio cable software available for Windows.

  1. Purchase and download this version of VB Audio Virtual Cable that provides two virtual audio cables.

  2. Install the VB Virtual Audio Cable software and restart Windows.

  3. In the system audio settings, you should have new playback devices CABLE-A Input and CABLE-B Input, and new recording devices CABLE-A Output and CABLE-B Output. The virtual audio cable routes audio signal from the input devices to the output devices.

Connecting digital mode applications to Web Radio Control

Continue by following instructions on page connecting digital mode applications to Web Radio Control.