Transceiver settings

This page documents settings needed for different transceiver models, so that they can be used with Web Radio Control.

Icom IC-7300 (USB port)

Navigate to Menu → Set → Connectors and modify the following settings:

  • ACC/USB Output Select: AF

  • ACC/USB AF Output Level: 50% (depending on received audio volume)

  • USB MOD Level: 50% (depending on transmitted audio volume)

  • DATA OFF MOD: USB or MIC,USB (the latter choice is supported by firmware version >= 1.20 and it mixes audio from external microphone and USB audio input)


  • CI-V USB Baud Rate: Auto

  • CI-V USB Address: 94h

  • CI-V Transceive: OFF

  • CI-V USB Port: Unlink from [REMOTE]

  • CI-V USB Baud Rate: Auto

  • CI-V USB Echo Back: OFF

  • USB Serial Function: CI-V


  • USB Keying (CW): OFF (set this to DTR to use the USB morse key adapter)

  • USB Keying (RTTY): OFF

Web Radio Control settings:

  • Serial port speed: 115200 bps