Technical support and troubleshooting

When you have found an issue with Web Radio Control

Before sending questions to the discussion group or to the email support:

  1. Please go through the frequently asked questions and troubleshooting pages and check if the issue you are experiencing already has a documented solution.

  2. If you can still connect to the Web Radio Control user interface:

    • Try to restart the Web Radio Control server by navigating to Settings > System and by clicking the Restart WRC server button.

  3. If you can not connect to the Web Radio Control user interface:

    • Try to restart the Web Radio Control computer (e.g. Raspberry Pi) by power cycling it.

    • Try to restart the router/modem providing the Internet connection by power cycling it.

    • Make sure that the router/modem port forwarding settings are set up according to the instructions on the network setup page.

    • Make sure that the Web Radio Control computer (e.g. Raspberry Pi) IP address matches the one defined in the port forwarding settings.

If the steps above do not help with the issue, ask for help in the public discussion group using the instructions below.

Preparations for asking help in the discussion group

  1. Write down information about the software and hardware you use: Web Radio Control version, the model of the radio transceiver or other equipment being controlled, the adapters connected to the equipment and the Internet connection used.

  2. Take screenshots of any error messages related to the issue.

  3. Download the Web Radio Control server log file from the Web Radio Control user interface, because it may provide useful information when investigating the issue.

    • You can download the log file by navigating to Settings > About and by clicking the Download server log file button.

Public discussion group

Ask help first in the public discussion group. Make sure not to include any log files or passwords with your messages posted to the discussion group, as sharing these details publicly may expose your Web Radio Control server and your station to unauthorized use.

The international (English) discussion group address is:

You will need a user account in the service in order to join and to post messages to the discussion group.

Email support

If you are not able to solve the issue in the public discussion group, you can send email to: support (at)